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Mar 8, 2022

The Conservation Fund provides update on property cleanup plans

Mike Ford, Nevada and Southwest Director, The Conservation Fund, has provided the following update on their plans to begin cleanup work on the Vistoso property.

Town of Oro Valley Nature Preserve

As part of our on-going communication, we want to update the public regarding current actions associated with our interim management of the former Vistoso Golf Course, which we are informally referring to as the “Town of Oro Valley Nature Preserve.” We have recently contracted with Brightview Landscape Services to perform preliminary clean-up work of the property in concert with the Town’s direction and input.

Fire and public safety issues remain the initial priority, including creating a clear, consistent, and sustainable buffer adjacent to existing cart paths and behind the homes that border the property. The current Sope of Work with Brightview involves the following preliminary improvements to the 202-acres as follows:

  • Remove sand and debris from all cart paths.

  • Trim small shrubs, grasses, and weeds to no more than 5 feet of height from the ground level and within a 5 feet distance on either side of the cart paths.

  • Trim trees impacting the cart path to a height of 8 feet using arborist standards.

  • Remove sand and debris from within the underpasses.

  • Remove noxious weeds from the periphery of the property, and behind homes within 30 feet distance from the property line or common walls.

  • Cut and remove desert broom to ground level.

  • Buffelgrass and fountain grass will be cut to a height of 3-4 inches, with some cuttings to remain as mulch.

  • Mechanical equipment and hand tools will be used for tumble weed abatement reducing all tumble weeds to small particles.

  • Minor amounts of debris will be evenly dispersed on-site. Large mounds will be removed for aesthetics.

Note: Large sections of the Cart Path will be closed during work hours to avoid conflict with equipment being used. Brightview will provide up to 2 weeks advance notice, along with maps, indicating temporarily closed sections.

Work is expected to begin in April and continue through the end of May / early June. During this timeframe, we remind all residents and visitors that no other work is allowed or authorized on the property without first obtaining approvals from the Town or The Conservation Fund. However, the property will remain open for passive recreational visitor use and enjoyment, subject to the temporary closures as described above.

We look forward to completing this important interim step as we continue to work with the Town towards the donation and transfer of the property on or after July 1, 2022. Additional information will be forthcoming as developed.

Again, thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and understanding. Please feel free to contact Kirste Kowalsky ( if you have any questions or concerns in the interim.

Mike Ford

Nevada and Southwest Director

The Conservation Fund

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