Sept. 23, 2021 – The Conservation Fund (TCF) today said that it is optimistic that the contracts for the Vistoso property will be signed by October 1. TCF will purchase 202 acres of the Vistoso property and convert it to a nature preserve and community trail. TCF will protect the property with a conservation easement and donate it to the Town of Oro Valley once the funds have been raised to reimburse TCF for the purchase price and closing costs.


As part of the agreement, six acres of the Vistoso property, zoned high density residential, will be sold to a local Tucson developer. This is the area near the former golf course clubhouse and VCA offices.  According to TCF, details of the agreements will become public once the contracts are signed.  

We will update you again once we know the contracts are signed.  


The Mission of Preserve Vistoso is to support the preservation of the former Vistoso golf course property as a Nature Preserve and community trail

The former Vistoso golf property presents the beauty of the Sonoran Desert teeming with wildlife and artifacts of the Native Americans who lived and hunted there. The existing 6.2-mile, eight-foot-wide concrete path winds through the property providing visitors with views of the Catalina and Tortolita mountains, examples of varied desert vegetation, and the opportunity to view an abundance of wildlife. With easy access from multiple locations, visitors can stroll the property and connect with the natural world we tend take for granted.


A Sonoran Desert preserve

where nature and people thrive

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To get up to speed quickly about the recent history and current status of the Vistoso Golf property, read the information below, and the Fact Sheet here.


Oro Valley Town Council Approves Resolution to Proceed with Romspen Settlement

September 9, 2021 – The Oro Valley Town Council last night approved a resolution to facilitate completion of the negotiations for the purchase of the 202 acres of the former Vistoso golf course by The Conservation Fund (TCF). “We thank Town Council members, Town Attorney and Town Management for supporting our efforts to save the Vistoso property as a community trail and nature preserve,” said Gayle Mateer, President of Preserve Vistoso.  “Negotiations are nearing completion and this resolution is the final step to remove any barriers to getting it done.  Mayor Winfield proposed the resolution which was unanimously approved (7-0) by Town Council members.”  . 


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The Conservation Fund Issues Update Regarding Negotiations to Purchase Vistoso Property

August 29, 2021 – The Conservation Fund (TCF) announced that there is substantive progress by The Conservation Fund, the Town of Oro Valley and Romspen for the purchase of the Vistoso golf property. Mike Ford, Nevada and Southwest Director of TCF, said that an updated appraisal has been completed and they "expect to reach final agreement following the Town Council meeting scheduled for the week of September 6th."  While negotiations are underway, Ford asked everyone to "refrain from speculation, rumor, innuendo, or any other information unless you hear it directly from the Town or TCF."


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Town Council Confirms Commitment to Negotiations to Acquire the Vistoso Golf Property

July 12, 2021 – After hearing many supportive comments from the community at the July 7th Town Council Meeting, the Council met in executive session to discuss the status of the negotiations. When the Council reconvened after the executive session, Town's Lawyer, Jonathan Rothchild read a statement on behalf of the Council. He said that the Town, The Conservation Fund and Romspen have been involved in strenuous negotiations for the sale and purchase of the Vistoso Golf Course to preserve it as open space and that all parties are negotiating in good faith. He indicated that Romspen has provided its expected combined sales price for the six acres zoned as high density residential and the 202 acres zoned as recreational. Progress has been made in negotiations for the six acres by a private developer. Rothschild then said that if the appraisal price for the 202 acres is less than Romspen’s “agreed on” price, the Town and the Council Members agreed unanimously to continue further negotiations in an attempt to resolve outstanding disputes with Romspen in an effort to complete the purchase of the property. He said that if an agreement could not be reached, the Town Council will continue to review all legal options and weigh the benefits and risks association with those options.  

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Update on Negotiations to Purchase the Former Vistoso Golf Property

June 14, 2021 – During the June 3rd Town Council meeting, Oro Valley Town Manager Mary Jacobs said that Romspen hired a local company for a new appraisal of the 202 acres of the Vistoso property that is currently zoned recreational. This property would be purchased as a nature preserve by The Conservation Fund (TCF) if Romspen agrees to the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the property. Romspen agreed to initiate and pay for this new appraisal.

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Update on Negotiations to Purchase the Former Vistoso Golf Property

April 26, 2021 – Mike Ford, Southwest Director of Conservation Acquisition for The Conservation Fund (TCF), provided Preserve Vistoso board members an update on progress to purchase the Vistoso golf property from Romspen Investments. Ford said the deal being considered is for TCF to purchase the 202 acres zoned recreational at FMV and place a conservation easement on the property to protect it in perpetuity as open space. In a separate agreement, the six acres where the former club house and parking lot exist, currently zoned high density residential, would be sold to a private developer. If the FMV offer is accepted by Romspen, TCF would hope to close the deal by year end. 

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The Conservation Fund Resumes Negotiations to Purchase Vistoso Property. 

April 10, 2021 – The Conservation Fund announced that it is involved in negotiations to help preserve the Vistoso Golf Property as a nature preserve. This is exciting news and we hope it brings us closer to resolving the uncertainty of the property.  We urge everyone to support the efforts of the Conservation Fund. Attached is the announcement from Mike Ford, Southwest Director of TCF.


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May Jacobs, Town Manager, Reports on Status of Town's Negotiations to Acquire the Former Vistoso Golf Property at Wednesday April 7 Oro Valley Town Council Meeting 


April 7, 2021 - The Oro Valley Town Manager’s report on the negotiations to purchase the Vistoso Golf Property at the October 7 Town Council is 11 minutes into the meeting at: 

Town Manager Mary Jacobs said that the Monday April 5 Town Council meeting in the Executive Session provided direction to the Town Attorney and  herself to move forward with the purchase of the former Vistoso Golf property subject to working with The Conservation Fund (TCF)  and  a successful fundraising campaign. She also said that she was not at liberty to provide details of the negotiations but that the framework for acquisition of the property is consistent with the Town Council’s November 18 motion to staff to initiate communications with Romspen and any other third party to negotiate acquisition of he property at fair market value subject to Town Council approval.  

Mayor Joe Winfield Proposes Town Negotiate the Sale of the Vistoso Property. 


November 18, 2020 The Town Council on November 18 approved 7-0 a motion by Mayor Joe Winfield and seconded by Council Member Joyce Jones-Ivey to negotiate the sale of the Vistoso Property from Romspen Investments. Read More ...

Thanks to the dedication of a team of Preserve Vistoso volunteers, membership is nearly 1,900, and more members are joining each day.

The Vistoso property offers a rich variety of plants, mammals and birds as well as ancient petroglyphs along a paved six-mile path that could be available to all.


It should be established as a nature preserve and community trail.

Learn How a Michigan Golf Course was Converted to a Nature Preserve. 


A sprawling piece of land in Harbor Spring, Michigan was once home to a Norther Michigan golf course but has now become one of the region's newest public nature preserves.   Read More ...

As part of Preserve Vistoso's outreach to the community, volunteers set up a table at the Library and signed up several hundred new members. The support for establishing the former golf course as a nature preserve and community trail was overwhelming. 

Signs are popping up all over!
Members show their support for creating the nature preserve and community trail by displaying Join Preserve Vistoso signs.