This is a new page where we will post photos from members that depict why they want to preserve Vistoso as a nature preserve and community trail. If you have photos that you would like us to post:
  • Send a .jpg (or other photo file format) to with a subject line of "My Photos"
  • Tell us how the photo expresses why you want to preserve Vistoso.
  • Confirm that it is OK to show your first name with the photo. (If you do not want your name included, just say so and we will exclude it.)

I took this on my morning walk.  It is amazing what rain has done to the property.


We love being so close to nature and the animals that live here.  This is what a Nature Preserve is all about.

This male deer was just as curious about me as I was about him. There was a female a bit further up the path as well. They’ve been spotted together by my neighbor during his walks on the course.

I spotted this bobcat watching me from a nearby bush as I stopped to take a pic of a pair of mule deer.

Riding the path with my boys in a safe place away from automobiles. 


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