There are many ways for you to volunteer to support the vision of Preserve Vistoso, creating

a Sonoran Desert Preserve

where people and nature thrive.

Volunteer with Preserve Vistoso


Your efforts can make a real difference in creating a wonderful preserve for the whole community to enjoy. Each year there are special volunteer projects in addition to our on-going volunteer efforts. Find an activity that fits with your interest and time commitment and join your neighbors in supporting the Vistoso Preserve. 

CURRENT VOLUNTEER PROJECTS. Here are some of  the ways you can help out.

  • Trail grooming. The 6 miles of trails throughout the Preserve need constant grooming by removing sand, pruning overhanging branches, or cutting back invasive species. Each team has a leader and is assigned an area to groom. ....

  • Membership Outreach. Each neighborhood has a team captain to help spread the word within the neighborhood. Become a captain in your neighborhood, or support the captain that is there now. A growing membership is the heart of Preserve Vistoso.

VOLUNTEER SURVEY. To help our volunteer coordinators understand your background and interests, please fill out the Volunteer survey which you can access by clicking the link below and sending it to VolunteersPV@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest.