●  November 4, 2019 Edition:


Update on Romspen – Romspen said it would have rezoning plans to share with the community in the early fall, but we are still waiting to see these plans.  Romspen has indicated it will meet with Preserve Vistoso when plans are available.  We will keep you informed.   


Oro Valley Needs More Recreational areas -- A recent survey by a leading conservation group puts Oro Valley near the bottom of the list of communities that provide easy access to a park or recreational area. The survey by The Trust for Public Lands, a non-profit conservation organization, says that in Oro Valley, only 15 percent of residents are within a 10-minute walk from a park.  The national average for communities is 54 percent of residents are within that 10-minute walk.   We believe, along with the experts, that access to nature and recreational space enhances the physical and mental health of a community as well as its livability.


                          % Residents within

                          10-minute walk to

COMMUNITY    Park or Recreation

Boulder               90%

Tucson                63%

Chandler            62%

National Avg     54%

Scottsdale        40%

Marana             24%

Oro Valley         15%


                 % Land Used for Parks 

                  or Recreation

Boulder               14%

Tucson                3%

Chandler            4%

National Avg     15%

Scottsdale        27%

Marana             4%

Oro Valley         3%

Preserve Vistoso is 1,000 members strong -- We just reached our fall goal of 1,000 members. With your help, we can be on our way to having 2,000 members.  Members make us strong, so let’s see who we can recruit to join.  Joining is simple, and free! Just go to PreserveVistoso.org and click the Join button. To everyone who has helped us reach this milestone, thank you.   


Join the Board of Directors – If you want to support Preserve Vistoso even more, consider joining the 2020 Board of Directors.   An electronic application will be sent out to all members in the next couple of weeks. We’ll interview candidates in December and announce the new Board members after our annual meeting on January 22.