●  March 29 2020



Preserve Vistoso Update. As information becomes available on rezoning applications for the former golf course, we will let you know. In the meantime, Sharon Jarvis compiled some important information to help us understand Oro Valley’s General Plan. Preserve Vistoso believes that the Town Council should follow the 2016 citizen-approved General Plan and maintain the recreational designation for the former Vistoso Golf Club. The current rezoning applications by Romspen Investments and Spectra Properties would require changing the General Plan.


Why is Understanding the Oro Valley General Plan Important?

In November 2016, Oro Valley citizens voted and approved a 10-year blueprint for the future called the Oro Valley General Plan, OUR VOICE, YOUR FUTURE. The Romspen Investment and Spectra Properties rezoning applications for a sizeable portion of the former Vistoso Golf Course will require amendments to the General Plan.   Preserve Vistoso believes Town Council members should not approve changes to the General Plan that would destroy parts of the Sonoran Desert and diminish our access to this beautiful property.  The Town’s General Plan highlights the value of community input.

The Town Land Use map identifies the Golf Course at Vistoso as Resort/Golf Course.   While Preserve Vistoso understands that the property is no longer viable as a resort or golf course, we believe that the area needs to remain zoned recreational.  Since it was designated as golf course, Preserve Vistoso believes that changing the land use designation to medium and high density residential violates the intent of the General Plan.  p.51

You can find the Oro Valley General Plan on the Town Website by clicking here or entering this in your browser: https://www.orovalleyaz.gov/generalplan.


A general plan is essentially a community’s “blue print” for land use and development; it serves as the basis for rational decisions regarding a community’s long-term development. The general plan expresses the community’s development goals and embodies public policy relative to the distribution of future land uses, both public and private.  

The Town of Oro Valley’s General Plan, YOUR VOICE, OUR FUTURE, was created and reviewed by residents during a multi-year process.  “The goals and policies of each chapter (General Plan) will be used as a foundation for decision making over the next 10 years.” p.11

Quotes from Your Voice, Our Future General Plan in support of parks, recreation and lands with high scenic value:

  • We know first-rate economic and lifestyle opportunities, educational facilities and abundant outdoor recreation areas will continue to attract people seeking a high quality of life. In addition, visitors come to experience the unique Sonoran Desert and to enjoy Oro Valley’s active lifestyle, resort and cultural offerings. p.4

  • Preserve the scenic beauty and environment:  1) Desert and mountain views, 2) Desert climate and environment, 3) Wildlife and vegetation, 4) Open Space.  p.8

  • Provide more parks, recreation and cultural opportunities for all ages: Outdoor recreation such as hiking, walking, and biking paths. p.9

  • A high-quality parks, recreation and open space system that is accessible, comprehensive, connected and serves the community’s needs. p.14

  • The proactive conservation, protection and restoration of environmentally sensitive lands, natural resource areas and habitats and lands with high scenic value. p.14

  • Neighborhoods that include access and effective transitions to open space, recreation, and schools and that are supported by shopping and services with meet daily needs. p.15

  • Oro Valley’s emphasis is developing complete neighborhoods that encourage physical activity. Complete neighborhoods include: Parks and outdoor spaces, and recreational facilities. p.17

  • People of Oro Valley Strive for: High-quality parks, recreation and open space system that is accessible, comprehensive, connected, integrated and serves the community’s needs. p.19

  • Provide appropriate park facilities and services for residents of all ages in the community. p.21

  • Link existing and planned neighborhoods with parks and open spaces by incorporating path and trail facilities. p.21

  • Provide public open space and park space where there is an existing park shortage or a need to preserve open space, natural areas or scenic views. p.21

  • Oro Valley’s greatest assets are its natural environment, resources and beauty. Our community enjoys scenic views in nearly every direction. p.28

  • Oro Valley highly values the Sonoran Desert and strives to conserve and protect its resources.  Additionally, the community desires to connect open spaces to establish an environment enjoyable for all. p.33

  • Protect scenic corridors, Public Park and trail view sheds, and the distinctive visual character and visual appeal of Oro Valley.  p.33

  • Neighborhoods that include access and effective transitions to open space, recreation and schools. p.40

  • The Oro Valley community recognizes the importance of natural, scenic and cultural resource conservation in sustaining Oro Valley’s identity as a desired place to live, work, and visit. p.41