●  March 12 2020

On Wednesday, March 11th, a potential buyer of part of the former Vistoso Golf Course and representatives of Romspen Investments, owner of the property, held a meeting to present a conceptual plan for rezoning of the property to HOA and neighborhood representatives. A number of Preserve Vistoso Board members were also invited to attend. A picture of the conceptual plan presented last night can be found at the end of this e-mail. We have asked for a high quality electronic copy that can be shared with our members. This is a concept plan and it could change significantly between now and the final submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council at the end of 2020.

The potential buyer of the areas around the driving range is Jeff Farmer, owner of Spectra Properties.  Mr. Farmer is proposing development of the driving range and portions immediately east of the driving range.  His plan for 38 acres is to build an assisted living and memory care facility.  Currently the plan shows 2 buildings on the driving range but Mr. Farmer said he would like the option to add a third between Siena and the buildings shown in red on the diagram. Independent Living units would be built to the east of the driving range in the yellow area. 

Mr. Farmer plans to operate these units as high-end senior residential units and a care center.  The portions in dark gray would be parking and roads. The light grey would be open space.  He indicated that due to drainage requirements he might have to raise the building pad area by 1 ft.  Mr. Farmer estimated that it will take 18 months for construction if the rezoning is approved.

Romspen representatives said the company does not have a buyer for the rest of the property at this time.  The Romspen concept plan as represented by the image at the bottom of this email uses color coding to define the housing density.  The yellow color proposes medium density residential while the light brown color indicates medium high density residential. The dark brown area near Vistoso Highlands Blvd would be high density residential where apartment buildings could be proposed.  Romspen representatives said that they could consider donating the rest of the property to a nonprofit organization if rezoning is approved at high enough densities to generate the revenue they desire.

Both the Oro Valley General Plan and the Planned Area Development (PAD) designates the driving range area and the golf course as recreational, expect for six acres around the former clubhouse.   The General Plan and the Planned Area Development (PAD) will need to be changed to allow these plans to go forward.   There will be meetings arranged by the Town of Oro Valley for residents impacted by the development plans when the plans are officially submitted.

Romspen and Mr. Farmer plan to submit the pre-application to the Town of Oro Valley on March 25th. They are expecting the first community meeting to happen around April 14th. There are a series of steps and reviews that they will need to go through before being able to present their plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council at the end of 2020. 

One major concern raised is that many homeowners are seasonal residents and they won’t be able to participate in meetings scheduled during summer months.  Romspen’s representatives and Mr. Farmer indicated they will try to look for ways to add meetings before the end of April.

Make sure to mark your calendars for April 14th and share this information with all of your neighbors. Your input is vital to ensure our voices are heard.

Click here for a larger, downloadable version of the map below.