●  July 5, 2020



July 5, 2020 -- If you want to vote for a candidate for Oro Valley Town Council and are an Arizona resident, you need to register to vote by Monday, July 6, midnight. Voters registered as Independent WILL NOT receive the August 4 ballot because it is a primary election. If you want to vote for our Town Council members, you will need to go to ServiceArizona.com and choose a Republican or Democrat preference. You can change it back to independent after the August election. 

It's convenient to register or change your voter registration online at ServiceArizona.com. Pima County voters also can check their voter registration here. You also can contact the Recorder's Office with questions at 520-724-4330.  Early voter ballots will be mailed on Wednesday, July 8.

The Candidates for the three Town Council positions in this election are Tim Bohen, Bill Garner, Harry “Mo” Greene, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon. This primary often decides our Town Council members because any candidate who receives 50 percent or more of the vote in the primary is elected to Town Council. If candidates do not receive 50 percent of the vote, they will be on the ballot again in November.   

Preserve Vistoso is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so we cannot recommend candidates who would best support our efforts to work with The Conservation Fund (TCF) to purchase the former Vistoso Golf Course.  All seven current Town Council members voted on June 3rd to have the Town Management work with TCF and Romspen on the potential preservation of the open space and to work with TCF to help identify possible funding, including grant funding, to acquire the property for a green space to be gifted to the town. You can review comments by Town Council members at the June 3rd meeting here

We need future Town Council members who will support our efforts after the election.  New or reelected Council members will assume office in November and could be key decision makers on the future of the former Vistoso Golf Course.    
For more information on the five candidates, you can read the Explorer article here. You also can go here to Oro Valley Podcast to listen to each of the five candidates