●  July 19, 2019 Edition:


No Thank You! - This was Preserve Vistoso’ s response to Romspen Mortgage Investment Fund when they shared their conceptual plan to rezone 109 acres of the 208 acre property from recreational to a combination of low, medium, and medium-high density residences.


Retain Currently Zoned Recreational Space for Recreation - This is the desire of our membership and is consistent with the intended use of the property per the Oro Valley General Plan and Rancho Vistoso Planned Area Development (PAD) ordinances. The governing zoning regulations are aligned with our position and with community support we will persevere!

Your voice is important.  When the time is right, we want the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) and the Town Council to understand that we will unite behind common goals to:


     Retain recreational space.

     Keep existing zoning.

     Uphold the Oro Valley General Plan.


How do we stop zoning amendments? We understand the process and then unite our voice.   

Amendments to both the Oro Valley General Plan and the PAD must be submitted and approved.  

Neighborhood meetings are held before the Oro Valley PZC will propose accepting these amendments to the Town Council.

Oro Valley Town Council then approves, denies, or continues the application process. 


Stay tuned to learn how the Rancho Vistoso community can come together to preserve this breathtaking property.


Vistoso Nature Preserve – Since there are no potential buyers for The Vistoso Golf Club, Preserve Vistoso believes that it is in the best interest of our community to move forward to protect the land as a nature preserve.  Our goal is to retain the natural tranquility, spectacular scenery, and wildlife habitats that exist today.  We want to provide a first-class amenity for the entire community.  An amenity worthy of the Vistoso name. 


Purchase the Property – Preserve Vistoso is working on a plan to purchase the entire 208-acres of property.  A Task Force of skilled professionals will lead this effort.  Member volunteers are also working closely with land and wildlife conservation organizations to assist us in our vision and provide possible financial support.

What can you do to support recreational space vs. residential development?

Spread the word!  We are more than 700 members strong and growing. Volunteer – we need to establish neighborhood captains in all Rancho Vistoso neighborhoods.  Get your friends and neighbors to join, donate, attend one of our Meet & Greets.  The larger and more active our membership, the greater the influence, impact, and clout we will have.