• July 10, 2020



If you are a resident of Oro Valley and vote by mail, you may have received an election ballot for the August 4 primary. There also is the option to vote in person on August 4. It is critical that Preserve Vistoso members who are residents of Oro Valley vote in this election. If you are registered as an independent and do not receive a mail-in ballot, call 520-724-6830 and ask for a Dem or Rep ballot. If you go to the polling place ask for a Dem or Rep ballot. Then you’re able to vote for OV council candidates.

The Candidates for the three Town Council positions in this election are Tim Bohen, Bill Garner, Harry “Mo” Greene, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon. This primary often decides our Town Council members because any candidate who receives 50 percent or more of the vote in the primary is elected to Town Council. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Preserve Vistoso is prohibited from endorsing or opposing candidates.   
For more information on the five candidates, you can visit the candidates’ websites --  Tim BohenBill GarnerMo Greene Bill Rodman, and Steve Solomon.