●  January 13, 2020 Edition:


            Call to Action -- Participate in Oro Valley Survey on Parks


January 2020 -- Let our voices be heard.   The town of Oro Valley’s Parks and Rec department hired Principal Pros Consulting to prepare a master plan to determine the town’s Parks and Recreational needs. The Preserve Vistoso Board urges you to complete a brief survey to provide information to the consultants.  If you reside in Oro Valley – part time or full time --you can express your opinion.  You do not need to be registered to vote in Arizona to express your opinion.  You can access the survey at www.planyourparksov.com.   It asks for your name, email, the subject (park study) and has a box for your message.  If you’d like to send us the comments that you submitted to the survey, or just let us know that you replied, email us at preservevistoso@gmail.com 

Here are a few facts to consider as you write your message.  


Rancho Vistoso residents are 25 percent of Oro Valley’s population.  Ranch Vistoso has 10 parks that are maintained by our Rancho Vistoso master homeowner association -- Vistoso Community Association (VCA).  We fund these parks through our $80 quarterly fee to the VCA.  When you purchase goods and services in Oro Valley (restaurants, mall stores, etc.),  you pay an 8.6 percent sales tax to fund town services, including the parks and golf courses in the other areas of Oro Valley.  

A recent survey by a leading conservation group puts Oro Valley near the bottom of the list of communities that provide easy access to a park or recreational area.   The survey by The Trust for Public Lands, a non-profit conservation organization, says that in Oro Valley, only 15 percent of residents are within a 10-minute walk to a park.  The national average for communities is 54 percent of residents are within that 10-minute walk.   


Oro Valley needs to help us preserve the former Vistoso Golf Course as a nature preserve and community trail.  It would be more accessible because of existing sidewalks, unlike some of our nearby mountain trails and paths through washes.  Most of the 208-acres are zoned as recreational space and it needs to remain that way.   

Please complete the survey in your own words to let the town of Oro Valley know we want to ensure the beautiful 208-acre former golf course property in our neighborhood remains a community asset.   


            Retain recreational space.

            Keep existing zoning.

            Uphold the Oro Valley General Plan.