Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preserve Vistoso?

Preserve Vistoso is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2019 to let our Rancho Vistoso neighborhoods have a voice in the future of the closed Vistoso Golf Club.  Over the last two years we worked with the community and interested parties to evaluate our options. Our more than 1,300 members provide a vital united force in representing the community with the Town of Oro Valley and the property's present owner. ​Our Board of Directors represents most communities surrounding the property.  Our all-volunteer Board includes experts in finance, fund raising, communications, government affairs, and landscape architecture.   


If you join Preserve Vistoso, you will receive email updates through a newsletter, the Pulse.  You can sign up for the newsletter at​ Preserve Vistoso.

Who owns the Vistoso Golf Club?

The Vistoso Golf Course is owned by Romspen, a $3 billion Canadian non-bank mortgage lender that acquired the property in 2015.


What did Romspen propose for the former golf course?

Romspen submitted a proposal on April 30 to amend the Oro Valley General Plan and the Rancho Vistoso Planned Area Development (PAD) to change the zoning of the property from recreational to medium and high density residential.  ​ Because of Covid 19 concerns, the Town announced it would conduct ZOOM meetings and accept email comments from residents.  Preserve Vistoso members sent hundreds of emails, letting the Town know our opposition to Romspen’s rezoning plans.  One Town representative said that the emails were 100 percent in opposition.

I don't live on or near the former Vistoso Golf Course, why should I get involved in what happens to it?

This is the last remaining part of the Sonoran Desert in Oro Valley.  We want the entire community to enjoy it as a nature preserve and community trail.  We want the entire community to support Preserve Vistoso in its efforts to preserve this wonderful 208 acres of Sonoran Desert as an amenity for the entire community. 

Since Romspen still owns the property, who do I contact about "property maintenance issues?"

Contact Jessica Hynd, Oro Valley Constituent Service, 520 229-4711, if you have issues or concerns.   

How can I help Preserve Vistoso?

JOIN PRESERVE VISTOSO TODAY. Click the “JOIN” button and you will receive email updates. Email us at to express your ideas and concerns.   Preserve Vistoso is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation may be tax deductible. You can help us preserve this valuable land as a nature preserve and community trail.

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