●  April 11, 2020



We want the Town to know why we are opposed to Romspen's application to change the Oro Valley General Plan and rezone the former Vistoso Golf Course. Since we are not able to have in-person community meetings, we are asked to send comments to the Town about the proposed rezoning. All comments and questions become public record and Romspen (the applicant for rezoning) will be required to respond. To help you communicate with the Town, Preserve Vistoso created a website.

When you go to http://preservevistosoaz.org, you will be asked to enter your name, email, address, town, state and zip code. All messages will be sent to the Town as part of the official comment phase of the rezoning process. There also are options to send your comments to Town Council members and the Town Manager. We encourage you to write your concerns and questions in your own words, but we also have listed questions and comments frequently mentioned by members under the scripts drop down area. Preserve Vistoso also will be updating the scripts next week to reflect feedback from our members. We encourage you send multiple messages. Without the opportunity for in-person meetings, we need to make sure that our concerns and passion for this property come out loud and clear in your messages. 
This website is for members of Preserve Vistoso to have a voice in what happens to the former Vistoso Golf Course. This is not a good substitute for in-person meetings, but this is the opportunity we have to let the Town know that we are opposed to any changes in the General Plan and oppose Romspen’s rezoning plans. We want to save the former golf course as a nature preserve and community trail. Thank you Preserve Vistoso members.  

If you’d like more information from the Town about the rezoning process and the Romspen plans, click here to go to the Town's website where there is a page for the "Vistoso Golf Proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning."