April 9, 2020 -- The Preserve Vistoso Board supports our members and the Rancho Vistoso community by opposing plans submitted to Oro Valley to revise the voter-approved 2016 General Plan and rezone parts of the Vistoso Golf Course. The proposals would drastically alter our neighborhoods. 

Romspen Investments, a Canadian non-bank mortgage lender, and Memphis, TN based Spectra Properties Inc., propose rezoning 87 acres of the former Vistoso Golf Course and request a revision to the 2016 voter-approved Oro Valley General Plan. In addition, Romspen posted a second option for the driving range that includes medium density residential (minimum 5,000 sq. ft. lots); medium high density residential (3,000 sq. ft lots) and high density residential (2,000 sq. ft lots). We have attached two links that include information about the second option.  

       Click here for the General Plan Amendment and Rezoning sheet

       Click here for the Project Information Sheet

Oro Valley will post a video April 10 describing how we can participate in the rezoning process. Romspen and Spectra also will post a video detailing their re-zoning plans. You should receive a post card from the Town with information about how to access these videos. Notification signs will be posted throughout our neighborhoods. More information and the schedule for the rest of the year is available here

We will have another website available soon to give you some messaging ideas and help you direct your messages. SEND EMAILS after the April 10 Oro Valley videos describing the process and the rezoning plans to  and copy us at Let the Town Council know this plan is not what we want for our neighborhoods. You can send multiple emails to express your concerns and we hope you will do that. You will have until April 23 to send in your comments. 

Oro Valley will post these comments on the information page which you can access here.  Romspen and Spectra and the Town staff will reply to our comments with a video presentation on April 30.

If we weren’t fighting COVID-19, there would be in-person neighborhood meetings before a rezoning application could be accepted by the Town by April 30. You would have had an opportunity to stand up and let the Town and the developers know in person what you think. Since neighborhood meetings are not possible, Oro Valley has substituted emails and videos. Preserve Vistoso believes that the only appropriate forum would be in-person meetings. However, we urge you to send emails to the Town, watch the videos and continue to comment at

As a reminder, Spectra Properties plans to build a senior care facility on 38-acres of the former golf course driving range with buildings adjacent to nearby residential homes. Romspen has proposed a second plan to include residential housing on the driving range. Romspen also has filed for rezoning of additional golf course property for residential development, including proposed high density residential areas near Vistoso Highlands Boulevard and housing on several areas of the property. Click here to view the Descriptive Letter, Land Use Map, and an illustrative Site Plan Map from the Planning Center.  

Thank you.  Your support and comments are extremely important to our community.