●  April 18, 2020




Preserve Vistoso members should continue sending emails with comments on the Romspen rezoning plan to ask@orovalleyaz.gov and copy Preserve Vistoso CopyPreserveVistoso@gmail.com.   This is our only option to let the Town know that we are united in opposition to the Romspen rezoning application and proposed changes in the Town’s General Plan.  The Town website indicated that questions and concerns sent to them by April 23 will be answered in a video presentation on April 30.  If you send a copy of your comments to Preserve Vistoso, we will be able to better understand community concerns and evaluate the responses we receive from the Town and Romspen. If you’d like to also send your comments to Town Council members, you can find that information HERE.

Preserve Vistoso had established a separate website to help members communicate with the Town, but we encountered technical issues and the Town was not receiving all our emails.  We are resending the emails sent through the separate website to the Town, but you also can resend your messages to ask@orovalleyaz.gov.

You can see the difference you are making and view community comments posted so far by clicking here. This file is updated at the end of every business day.  If you do not see your comments by next Tuesday (April 21), resend your email and let Preserve Vistoso PreserveVistoso@gmail.com know your comments were not included in the Town's summary. 

Preserve Vistoso Concerns

In the video of the rezoning process, Town official Michael Spaeth said that certain criteria are used to judge any application to rezone or change the General Plan.  The criteria include: compatibility to the neighborhood; impact on views; appropriate transitions; traffic considerations.   Preserve Vistoso believes that the proposal by the applicant, Romspen, fails all four of those categories.  

Preserve Vistoso also believes that the requirement for Oro Valley community input is seriously jeopardized by precautions in place to protect citizens from the spread of the COVID-19.  The Oro Valley Public Code states that neighborhood meetings are set up to promote fair and open dialogue between stakeholders, applicants, and staff.   We do not believe that emails and videos provide fair and open dialogue.  

What About Our Neighborhood HOAs?

Michael Bilodeau, President of Preserve Vistoso, keeps the presidents of impacted HOAs informed about Romspen's rezoning application. Please make sure your HOAs know about your concerns. Part of Romspen's Public Outreach Plan is to get feedback from your HOAs. If you don't see your HOA listed on page 4 of the Town’s document (click here to see it), please let the Town and Preserve Vistoso know. 

Information Resources for Preserve Vistoso Members

Let Oro Valley Excel: http://letorovalleyexcel.blogspot.com/  Bookmark this Oro Valley Blog as it has extensive coverage of Preserve Vistoso and includes interviews with candidates for the August Town Council election.  There have been several updates on the zoning process.  

Oro Valley Podcast: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/oro-valley-podcast-jimhorn-Wepnz6Bj03f/.  The host of the Podcast, Jim Horn, interviews Oro Valley leaders, including candidates for the August 4 Town Council election.  You can listen to an interview with Michael Bilodeau, President of Preserve Vistoso here.

Explorer Newspaper: Preserve Vistoso sent a news release to the Explorer newspapers generating the following article by Kathleen Kunz .

Oro Valley Rezoning Schedule Through December

If the Town accepts Romspen’s application on April 30 for changing the General Plan, Planned Area Development and rezoning portions of the former Vistoso Golf Course, we will have several months to let the Town know our concerns before the Town Council votes on the proposal. 
Here is information from Oro Valley’s website on the timeline for the rezoning process:

  • April 23 – Questions and comments received by this date will serve as the foundation for the 2nd video being posted on 4/30. Staff and the applicant will be addressing the most common and frequent questions received.

  • April 30 – Second informational video with Town staff and the applicant answering the most common questions and comments received. All questions and comments received on ask@orovalleyaz.gov will be posted on this page throughout the process to be available for view by the public.

  • May 14 - Web-based, fully interactive Zoom meeting.

  • June to July – Web-based and interactive meetings for different groups of subdivisions. This enables focused discussion on specific areas and related concerns. More detail will be provided upon approval of the applicants Public Outreach Plan (POP).

  • August – Two conventional in person neighborhood meetings - if safe and possible; otherwise web-based and interactive meetings will be offered.

  • September – Two conventional in person neighborhood meetings if safe and possible; otherwise web-based and interactive meetings will be offered.

  • October – 1st Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing (informational only - as required): Public testimony is encouraged during the public hearing, though no action will be taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission at this meeting.

  • November – 2nd Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing: Public testimony is encouraged during the public hearing. The Planning and Zoning Commission may take action by voting to send a formal recommendation to Town Council.

  • December – Town Council public hearing: Public testimony is encouraged during the public hearing. Town Council may vote to approve, deny or continue the applications.