●  April 3, 2020



April 10, 2020 – Preserve Vistoso’s Board recognizes that you are receiving multiple Pulse messages from us. We hope you understand that we need to express our opinions and concerns to Town officials as they consider Romspen’s rezoning proposal. We are trying to keep you up-to-date and let you know about opportunities to voice your opinions.  

The following is a letter sent by Preserve Vistoso Board members earlier this week to Oro Valley Town officials.   

April 8, 2020

To:  Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett, Bayer Vella, Mary Jacobs and Council Members Jones-Ivey, Nicolson, Pina, Rodman, and Solomon.

This letter is to express Preserve Vistoso’s concerns and suggestions related to the Town of Oro Valley (“Town”) allowing Romspen Vistoso, LLC to host an online, video only pre-application neighborhood meeting (“Video Neighborhood Meeting”) in lieu of an in person meeting, for its redevelopment of Golf Club at Vistoso.  We at Preserve Vistoso understand that the COVID-19 pandemic requires us all to make changes for the safety of community residents.  That said, Neighborhood Meetings are a crucial part of the General Plan amendment process that allow affected residents to learn, question and comment about land use plans that will directly impact them.  The change to a Video Neighborhood Meeting for the Romspen General Plan Amendment, while required at this time, has a significant impact on our community and its ability to weigh in.

The Town’s Planning staff has provided us the format for the Video Neighborhood Meeting on April 10, 2020.  Below are some elements of the Neighborhood Meeting that we feel are essential to provide our residents the information they need for the General Plan amendment.  In a spirit of cooperation, we ask that the Town provide us assurances in writing that the following conditions for the Video Neighborhood Meeting will be honored:

  1. The Video Neighborhood Meeting will be noticed pursuant to the Town’s Zoning Code requirements. 

  2. The Town will provide online written instructions that clearly explain how the public can access the online Video Neighborhood Meeting.

  3. The Town will provide clear instruction on how the public may submit questions and comments to Romspen and/or the Town regarding the Video Neighborhood Meeting presentation. 

  4. The Town will require Romspen to provide written responses to these questions and comments by a set date (e.g., 20 calendar days post meeting (“Comment Period”). After the Comment Period, the Town will distribute these responses to interested parties via email and make them available online.  

  5. During the Comment Period, the Town will post online all questions and comments as they are received.  This will allow community members to support, build on, or clarify comments submitted by other community members, as would occur in an in-person Neighborhood Meeting.

  6. Preserve Vistoso is designing a web page that will make the feedback submittal process more streamlined for our members. Each submittal will still be individually identified and sent to ask@orovalleyaz.gov  We request that these submittals be given the same treatment as those submitted through the Town portal.

  7. This Video Neighborhood Meeting is in addition to the minimum two Town-required meetings and is not a substitute for the in-person meetings.  Unless not allowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person Neighborhood Meetings will be held in September and October 2020.  These meetings will also be made available for online participation.  If the in-person meetings are still not permitted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the process will not move forward unless the alternative Neighborhood Meetings adequately inform the public and allow for input similar to in-person meetings.


Preserve Vistoso Board of Directors
        Michael Bilodeau   President
        Gayle Mateer          Vice President
        Craig MacKay          Secretary
        Rick London            Treasurer
        Roy Hoff                   Director
        Ray Barth                 Director
        David Smoler           Director
        Walt Rogers             Director
        Pat Sturmon            Director
        Crist Stevenson       Director
        Dave Kozloff            Director
        Gerald Bren             Director
        Bill Murray               Director